ZUP Boards

Website Design · Product Design · Graphic Design · Amazon Product Listings · Private Label Designs

ZUP Boards is a series of all-in-one watersports performance boards with options for kneeboarding, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and skiing. The boards feature embedded logos and taglines to promote the brand. ZUP Boards are designed for everyone from beginners learning the basics to advanced riders mastering complex skills. We’ve worked with ZUP since 2018 on several campaigns, and can’t wait to continue to build with them.

2019 – 2020

Brand Development | Website Updates | Product Design & Development | Graphic Design

ZUP Boards

We’ve worked with ZUP on a variety of projects for final production through various mediums. From the creation of physical product catalogs and magazine ads, to website updates in order to increase revenue and user engagement, to tangible product deign and development. It’s been a blast!

Included: Graphic design, kiosk/tradeshow designs to highlight and promote new products, product catalogs, amazon product listings, product design and development, private label product design, physical and digital flyer and banner design, product store displays and more.

Jessica has helped our creative team with a variety of projects, including graphic and web design. Her design and technical skills are fantastic and she is great at both communicating with our team and taking the lead on the projects she is working on. She always meets (or beats!) our deadlines and exceeds our expectations with her work. We are so grateful to have her as an ongoing consultant to our creative team and will continue to use her to take our creative projects to the next level. Hiring her is a no-brainer if you are in need of a great designer. – Sarah Stapley | Marketing Director