ILA Art Gallery

Website Design · Ecommerce · Wordpress · Woocommerce · Clover Payment Processor · In-Store POS Integration

ILA Art Gallery is a hub for local (Denver, Colorado) artists and sculptors. Owned and curated by authentic representatives of hip hop culture, ILA Gallery is an artistic space inclusive of all styles and mediums. Unapologetically dedicated to holding space for creative truth to the soil, and in support of those that come from it; the artisan and the observer alike.


Website Design | POS Integration

Fa’al Ali – ILA Art Gallery

This was a fun project that really tested our skills and pushed us to new areas of expertise. A simple, clean and modern ecommerce site from the user end, this site took a lot of configuration and customization on the back end to truly function as needed.

The scope of work included: designing and building the site with the woocommerce ecommerce platform and integrating both a third party payment processor and in-gallery POS system to ensure inventory and payments bought on the website and in the gallery, were all processed correctly.