What’s Hot in Graphic Design?

Part of being an expert in the field is staying on top of the newest trends. Want to know what we’ve been following recently? Check out this excerpt below and the full article here.

“Graphic design has mainly been influenced by pop culture trends and technological developments lately.

All design elements, tools, and working processes are impacted by preferences most likely derived from famous movies, photographers, artists, or technological changes specific to this industry.

These trends are very important because they make this art sophisticated and have a modern or futuristic appearance. They are also crucial for business owners that would like to build a brand identity appealing to the masses.

To remain competitive as a graphic designer, it is essential to know these trends and keep up with them. What are the main trends that have impacted graphic design today? Here is the top selection of latest trends that have been adopted by designers:

Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustrations are one of the strongest trends today because of their stunning visual design. These types of visuals are quite different because they bring a 2D surface to life. They do not necessarily include a 3D background and a different foreground but the entire design is one thing.

For example, certain elements might be making up text that would overlay the design in traditional visuals. With isometric illustrations, the background and foreground are unified and that brings that design to life. This has been commonly seen on website designs and infographics.”

See the full article here.

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